David A. Navazio

Founder & Exec. Vice President of Gentell Corp.

Now Included In Gentell Fastcare Wound Documentation & Ordering Solution To Help Nursing Homes Meet QAPI Standards

BRISTOL, PA, December 2014 — David A. Navazio, Executive VP and Founder of Gentell Inc, recently announced that the Gentell Fastcare wound documentation and ordering solution now includes Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) reporting capabilities to help nursing homes meet QAPI standards.

The Gentell Fastcare System delivers 24-hour wound care expertise to help nursing homes improve recovery rates, reduce their wound ratios, while lowering their overall cost of operation. To access the Fastcare system, the Treatment Nurse captures images or video of a patient’s wound with a Gentell Fastcare tablet. Encrypted images are then sent via wifi or cellular network to secure Fastcare servers that route the data to Gentell Certified Wound Care Specialists. The Fastcare tablet also enables bedside teleconferencing with Gentell experts for special situations.

QAPI, introduced within the past few years, is the newest quality program mandated by the federal government for nursing homes. In order to comply with its strict requirements, nursing homes are required to collect more data on processes and procedures than they have in the past, and they need to focus quality improvement measures on areas where the data reveals the need.

Gentell Fastcare can help nursing homes accomplish this better, faster and more efficiently than traditional Quality Assurance and Assessment (QA&A) procedures. Gentell’s David Navazio explains that Gentell Fastcare is “the only electronic wound documentation system of its kind that analyzes all the wound care data for a facility, and then uses data mining to generate a QAPI report. The report allows a facility to determine where to begin their analysis of the root causes of, for example, an increase in the number of acquired pressure ulcers or skin tears within a particular unit.” Fastcare also gives facilities the ability to compare the numerical data for different periods in time. Effective QAPI programs are critical to improving the quality of life, and quality of care and services delivered in nursing homes.